VirtualAirBoss is a comprehensive browser-based software system to manage the end-to-end data generated by a commercial aviation business. That means from first phone call or website order, through scheduling flight operations and payloads, to customer invoicing. 

All those software applications you currently use to plan and view routes, weather, traffic, ground control, and data analytics can be easily integrated into one seamless workflow. Your way. If your client needs “last year’s multi-spectral data from the Martin field on August 27”, you have a way to find that image. Or how about finding a particular photo you took of that “June lightning damage on tower 435?”  You can find it quickly and easily using multiple search criteria.

VirtualAirBoss streamlines your business operations by bringing together the software packages you already use, extending their value and adding capabilities. Capacity planning based on performance data? Projections? You can make key decisions based on real data.

With VirtualAirBoss you can automate your business processes, store and manage your data collection, minimize manual record keeping, eliminate redundancies, and quickly get the reports and business “snapshots” you need. And run a safer and more compliant organization.  One small aviation business client thinks he can save a day a week with VirtualAirBoss. That’s just his own time. Larger businesses can save much more.

Operate your business more safely and efficiently whether you fly rotor or fixed wing, manned or unmanned aircraft. Know what is going on, all the time, wherever you are.

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