SmartC2 was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully led technology companies for more than two decades, and are passionate about helping aviation business owners continue to be successful by using technology.

Stuart Rudolph, President and CEO, has a history of innovation and of introducing disruptive technologies to US and global markets, e.g., the VirtualAirBoss. He is named on multiple patents, and continues to invent systems and methodologies to share information and manage businesses for greater efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

Janet Ahlgren, COO, has a broad-based background in media, marketing, operations, and program management. She is passionate about helping companies do more of the part they love by automating the mundane operations that computers do so well.

Gideon Moran, CTO, has wide-ranging experience in imaging and multi-media storage technology, program and product management, and complex, integrated workflow and collaboration technologies. He loves figuring out ways that computers can solve big data management challenges, especially involving image capture, storage and retrieval.