Don’t let paperwork ground you.

You have an aviation business to run. You manage a fleet of aircraft and juggle lots of spreadsheets, forms, details. Equipment. Crews. Scheduling. Dispatch. Logistics. Maintenance. Images. Payloads. Deliverables. Tracking. Compliance. Reporting. Invoicing. And much more.

Virtual AirBoss

VirtualAirBoss software is specifically designed to help you run your business more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. Bring together into one system all the information and data points you need about customers, crew, aircraft, certifications, and emergency procedures. Then, click a button to instantly get any reports you need on a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Automatically track hours, project, personnel, equipment, maintenance, compliance, imagery and invoicing details.

Click on the calendar-centric VirtualAirBoss system to schedule customer flights, manned and unmanned aircraft (UAS), crews, routes, and payload gear -- all in one place. Organically capture the data you need with checklists, templates, maps, and pull down menus. Easily access routes, weather, NOTAMs, TFRs, etc., and automatically log each flight. When the flight is over, press a button to invoice.

Generate revenue. Focus on the part you love. Spend more time flying, less time grounded by paperwork. See for yourself how VirtualAirBoss by SmartC2 can help keep you in control.

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